Rosario Rico Toro

Inti Foundation C.E.O.

Rosario “Chary” Rico-Toro was born in 1972 in a military post in Robore, Bolivia. Growing up in a deeply religious military family, she was often moving between cities. Traveling and getting to know Bolivia was one of her family’s passions. Embedded in her childhood memories are many days spent in church admiring the beautiful catholic scenes in the stained glass windows which inspire the bold colors & geometric shapes represented in her paintings. The constant theme in her work is her life impression of people she has met and places she has seen. “My intent is to provide the viewer with a child’s joyful take on life when looking at the bright colors.”

Encouraged by her family to pursue a more traditional career, she graduated with a university degree in journalism, and became a TV talk show host for a national network for several years. Being the first Bolivian finalist in the Miss Universe Pageant, Rosario “Chary” Rico-Toro, inspired a nation. Twenty years later, she is in the news once again, this time with her art and charity work. Living outside her country for the last decade, she has reappeared as a wife, mother of two, and an energetic advocate for children.

Today she participates in multi artist shows, as well as solo expositions with major public acceptance due to the original nature of her style. When an exhibited painting is sold, 100% of the profits go to the Inti Foundation, which supports children’s projects across US and Bolivia. In addition she is a cooperative philanthropist and donates paintings to different children’s charities and fundraising events throughout Florida and Bolivia for auction to their causes.